Key Commands

Charles Widmore

Berlin, Germany

Since the early 90‘s Charles Widmore has contributed notably to hip-hop culture – from graffiti to breakdance. Through the latter, Widmore was first exposed to electronic music, culminating with the establishment in 2008 of his label "Perplex Recordings". Also he is the Co-Founder together with Andre Crom of "OFF Recordings".

In the mid-90‘s Charles Widmore first discovered the muscular, loop-based, dancefloor electronics of Josh Wink, Daniel Bell, Moritz von Oswald. Impressed and immediately fascinated by these sounds and by Berlin’s unique club-culture, (including legendary clubs such as Planet, E-Werk, Ostgut, WMF and Bunker), Widmore’s involvement in the scene increasingly deepened. Widmore was one of a new generation of DJs and ravers changed uniquely by this formative time.

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