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Cologne, Germany Techno

Kölsch Techno. COLOGNE TECHNO..........Ten years ago, at the age of fourteen, Cern startet to build digital beats and to experiment with sounds by means of an early version of Fruity Loops. He was situated then in the wide space of electronic music somewhere in between Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop. Slowly the interest in the straight, stomping 4 to the floor beats grew and the sound became more and more technoid.

In 2008 he wanted to make a living of his dream. Cern moved to Cologne from his hometown Göttingen to consolidate his knowledge at Sae Institute. About this time the name Cern arose and soon the first release "Sidegain" could be made.
Since this release you can clearly hear what sound Cern stands for: Dark, impulsive club orientated Techno.
Afterward there were Releases at different Labels like Kopfmusik, Frucht, Steil, Kaputt, Kontrol, Sickvillage Records, Darker Sounds & Schieber Records. Cerns releases and sets combine dark atmospheres with thunderstorms of sub-bass that make you feel euphoric. But listen yourself...


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