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Carlos Uri

Zaragoza, Spain Tech House House Progressive House

Carlos Uri (28 November 1987) is a DJ and producer from Zaragoza, Spain. Even when he was a young boy, Carlos was already playing around with his dad’s turntables and guitars. When he was a teenager he decided to dedicate his time solely to electronic music in its various aspects.

All of his live performances are known for the great rhythm and smooth mixes, as well as the enthusiasm and energy that Carlos passes on to the audience through good music and his stage presence. All of this with the sole aim that the dance floor doesn’t stop moving throughout the night.

Since he became a DJ, he has always been loyal to the house sounds that have always inspired him, from fresh rhythms with vocals to the heavier sounds like progressive house or tech-house.

From 2012, his friend and his teacher, David Myerz began teaching Carlos to produce. He advised him and introduced Carlos into music production where he started to edit his first songs with the record label Noise&Stuff Records.

As well his DJ and producing activities, Carlos has hosted his own radio programmes like ‘World House Tour’ and has given several DJ classes to promising young DJs in Zaragoza and the surrounding areas.
Thanks to his great passion for music, his eagerness, determination and professionalism, Carlos has shown that all dreams can come true.

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