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Manel Sanmartin

Cambrils, Tarragona, Spain Deep House Indie Dance / Nu Disco Tech House +1

Restless character and always motivated by Deep House and Tech House, debut was at Black Cambrils disco. Since then, his performances have been remarkable in events and clubs like Lovin' Ibiza (Tarragona), NIt 9 (La Fabrica), Gin de Mar (Sol de Mar), Black Goes To Mykonos (Black), Chillout Tonight (El Serrallo), Sala Mistic (Valls), Sala One (Lleida), Les Paul (Lleida), Festival Solidario (Castellvell), Sunfec Festival (Cambrils), Deltaica Festival, Sala Cau (Tarragona) ...
After his international debut in Lyon, is recruited as an artist in the Paris agency Divine Bookings and also on the roster of international booking of Supermatrix Group.
Parallel to their performances, has presence in different radios with his fetish Cambrils Deep Style, providing a nurturing space for itching ears that can be heard globally Mediterranea fm, Dj Conexión Global Radio Lanzarote, Crack fm, We Like Music Spain, Perception Music, Startek Musik Radio and DeepHouse Radio. In turn, writes opinion pieces in digital magazines related to electronic music.
In 2013 he organized the first Festival Solidario Oportunity in Cambrils, intended to raise resources for sectors at risk of exclusion under the premise of solidarity proximity.
In order to demystify the world of wine and electronic music, begins one of his last projects, along with the wine of Valls Vails de Vi, who called Deep & Wine.
His weekly sessions Cambrils DEEP Style can be heard and downloaded for free in various music sites like soundcloud and mixcloud, among others. He is currently Dubhe Recordings Label Manager, which has over 40 releases in the market.

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