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Caladium Sound

New York, USA Trance Dubstep Tech House Hip-Hop / R&B +4

Caladium Sound "Paul Nolletti" is a young and upcoming DJ/Producer from White Plains, New York who makes it his priority to always provide a quality performance regardless of the venue. Whether it be a night Club, bar or private house party, every gig commands the same level of attentiveness and confidence to cater to the crowd while still leading them on a musical journey, one that Caladium Sound himself specially selects for each performance. Every song affects each person differently and elicits an emotional response that is both unique and sacred to the listener. Music without emotion, without a feeling behind every beat, is nothing more to a listener than noise. The DJ is the Link between the crowd and the Music; and as such it is his responsibility to make the room feel it in their souls. It is this craving to make the crowd not only listen, but to feel the energy produced, this energy is where Caladium Sound derives his driving force to go above & beyond at every performance. Having studied music at the famous Dubspot NYC school for electronic music; Caladium Sound strives to spread his love & passion for EDM through his wide knowledge of music and comprehensive background + degree in marketing & management from Pace University '12. With his constant up beat sets packed with huge build ups, ground-pounding drops, and soul easing break downs; the crowd is instantly hooked and eagerly wondering where on this musical journey he will take them next.

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