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Italy Deep House Tech House Techno Reggae / Dancehall / Dub +2

buro: real name, Andrea Crescenzi. My musical approach started with the Hip-Hop and Funky-House sonorities at the age of 13/14. Then I was shocked by the pure electronic music wave brought in Italy by the mostly known collectives like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode or people like Fat Boy Slim, Sven Vaeth, Aphex Twin... After few years, the first trip around Europe let me be increasingly opened to new influences sound and, of course, have triggered me to the first "cultural visities" around the "Dance Music sacred places" (Ibiza, Amsterdam, London, or Paris' clubs).
Musically speaking, I feel myself born like a "clubber", and I've been intensively for more than 10yrs, always trying to get out for last! But every day I didn't go to dance, or simply I rested, I tried to find any record that the night before had made me shiver and mix it with my first and only digital music software, Traktor.
Now I've finally perfected my techniques and updated my equipment, investing time and so much money, (like everybody...I know!) but always with the passion of the first day.
I think I'm ready to share this passion, am I? Let me know if u want.
P.S.: I.L.T.!!!

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