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Buffalo, NY, USA Electronica / Downtempo Dubstep Drum & Bass +4

I am Bufinjer, a Buffalo, NY native, who makes electronic music.

I don't define myself as a specific genre.
I like all kinds of music, and have many types of musical influences.
Electronica, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass are the main styles I create.
I like making music that takes you on a journey using layers of sounds and beats.

Music was not big in the family, actually, no one in the family is musical at all.
Electronic music was introduced to me in 1995 when I started going to clubs after moving to Texas.
I was immediately taken to that style of music, with the big beats, deep bass, and catchy synths.
It has been an interest of mine ever since. And my favorite music to listen to.

I have been making music with computers and various software since 1999.
I am always inspired by all types of music, but especially groups like The Chemical Brothers,
The Crystal Method, and The Prodigy in the early years.
Lately I am inspired by artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Bassnectar, and Imagine Dragons.

My goal is to keep you entertained with music that is rich and full of life.
My music will hopefully take you on a journey and keep you wanting more.
I hope you enjoy what you hear, tell your friends, and send me comments.

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