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Brenton Mattheus

Haverhill, Suffolk CB9, UK Chill Out Trance House Electronica / Downtempo +2

My name is Brenton Mattheus and I am a 18 year old vocalist/songwriter/producer from Suffolk, United Kingdom and I love to sing. My love for music started at a very young age and when I was 10 years old I joined the school choir and quickly fell in love with singing. I discovered that singing was all I ever did, wherever and whenever I could. After completing our first school music project I soon realized that becoming a professional vocalist was what I wanted to do. I was initially inspired to start singing through singing lessons I had in preparation for live concerts with the school choir and also school music projects that required us to develop our own song. My first major role was when I was selected as the lead singer for the track we were creating and from that point on I knew that music was going to be a large part of my life. Since then I purchased my first DAW where I got to feel around in the production and recording side of the music industry. I was inspired by this new DAW and decided I wanted to create my own productions from scratch. This is when I decided to purchase Fruity Loops and was amazed by what you could do with it. After messing around for a little while longer I got serious and purchased more hardware including an industry grade microphone among other things. I then contacted several producers for collaborations which are all underway or have already been released. I am currently working on collaborations with producers including MDK, Soulero, and Sound Medik. My vocals have been used for remixes by artists including Insan3lik3. My goal for the future is to pursue my dream of being a professional vocalist and traveling the world to perform my songs to all my fans. If I could perform with one person I would perform with Insan3lik3 because he is an incredible producer and was the first collaboration I ever did. This collaboration sparked several other collaborations since which I am very appreciative of. The music industry is a very difficult business to get involved into, but I am passionate about my work and plan to be a part of it through my singing. In 5 years I hope to be progressing musically in every way possible with tracks being signed to major labels, working in large recording studios, and performing live shows at venues all over the United Kingdom.

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