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Indie Dance / Nu Disco Electro House

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BREAKFASTKLUB is a country-wide acclaimed Electro-Rave-Duo, consisting of ’Nick D-Lite’and ’Janosh’, of which the latter co-founded the label and booking agency Dusted Decks. For about seven years now these two guys, originally from the lowland-coves of Leipzig , created a state of exceptional dance craze all over Germany. Their resting heart rate is 124 bpm and works as an on-point time base, as they pour their hearts and souls into their productions and their rebellious live-sets. BREAKFASTKLUB melt influences of Warehouse-Rave and French Electro into an all-out thumping and creatively outraging sound. From the very first beat on, their audiences are under their spell, whether it be in clubs or on festival-stages.

Due to their DIY-Attitude, love for detail, trans-genre mixtures and a massive collection of equipment, BREAKFASTKLUB are an incredible sound experience. Their stage set-up with multi-effects, mixers and audio players gives them a sheer endless supply of samples, sounds and acapellas, that Nick and Janosh arrange into their individual brand of live-sets, that only they can push through the speakers.

There are over 11.000 fans on Facebook, various headline-gigs, numerous releases and multiple mixcompilations that underline BREAKFASTKLUB’s sense of momentum, to push the right track at the right time, with a crunching sound, crisp beats and captivating melodical thunderstorms. Ahead of their time and still right in the middle of it – this is innovative Electro-Rave without compromise.

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