Key Commands

brad every

House Progressive House Minimal / Deep Tech +2

Having spent the last 10 years in the music scene, living in Brisbane, and Melbourne and always on the fringes in having worked with Melbourne Underground Development, Teriakianarkisaki, UFP Maddass. Brad has now moved up to provide an experience that takes the history and movement of the music that he so passionately been involved in to the next level.

Brad’s style combines the elements of minimal techno, fused with melodic strings, which drive the dance floor home, all night long, using either a combination of Traktor and MASCHINE. Brad has moved to the next level of DJ interpretation using technology as a tool to DJ with to bring looped elements and unique layering style. Having supported a wide diversity of artists locally and internationally, such as HMC, Sugar, Dave the Drummer, CJ Bolland, Kazu Kimura, Woody MC Bride, Jamie Stevens, Mark Henning, Beroshima, Vitalic, and Nick Fish, just to name a few. Brad is well suited to take on any challenge of supporting the variety of artists and styles that is so evident in the music scene today.

Previously residing in Perth, Brad was involved in a regular club night called RETEK, popular night by all accounts was pioneering techno night in Perth, regular interstate partnerships with Lets Get Minimal In Brisbane, Mixed Messages in Melbourne and Lost Baggage in Sydney.

Now focusing on production, this is one to watch, having spent ten years in the scene, brad is working on crafting a unique sound to inspire his fans.

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