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ENDERS (BoyOfTheEnders)

Peoria, IL, USA Drum & Bass Glitch Hop Hip-Hop +3

Enders is a electronic dance music Production and DJ project created by Carl Cline. Enders incorporates various styles ranging from glitch hop, bass music, dubstep, hardcore techno, industrial, and drumstep.

Always open to working on any Live DJ sets, remix contests, collaborations, original tracks, mashups, and production of tracks for artists.


Fan of acts like:
The Chemical Brothers
The Crystal Method
The Prodigy
Fatboy Slim
and many more....

Please enjoy the sounds and share them!

I got into music as a young kid, playing with my first guitar around the age of 5.
Since then I have played instruments such as, the clarinet, multiple conventional pianos, synthesizers, electronic drum machines, drum pads and various digital instruments via controllers.
I began music production with DAW's as a teenager with programs like Fruity Loops.
I moved on to self-teaching and taking online classes for Ableton Live in 2009 and have been working with it ever since. I often use and enjoy other live music/DJ software's such as Serato and NI's Traktor.
Enders is also inspired by the trip hop and big beat genres, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 1990s and 2000s.
"BoyOfTheEnders" was created in 2001, for use as a digital persona.
Since then all of my digital accounts, creations, and footprint, have gone under the alias. "Enders" is a variation of that derived from multiple science fiction sources.

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