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Province of Milan, Italy Deep House Electro House House Tech House +1

Imagine a world without music ..

BonnyRoy is an artist, almost complete.
Originally from Belgium, with South American influences, he has decided to leave his home country to travel the world, especially as a Model. In 2000 he decided formally to consider Italy its base, and expand its professionalism in all areas. Fashion, music and entrepreneurship.

He always had a soft spot for music in general, from dancer to teacher, from vocalist to singer and song writer, then to add to his resume ... the art of djing.
In a very modest way, BonnyRoy says that now is the time to express and launch something new on the market.
A new way to DJ without neglecting the people who come to hear him. Too often we find the dj hidden behind his
PC, without giving attention to those who in front of him ..
In any case, he prefers to be called "Groove Selector" rather than a DJ, because finally it comes to "choose music," offering emotions.
The concept of Dj, actually came in a different form, although today the term is much abused.

His genre ranges from deep vocal house to electro and tech house,
although you can hear him in action, mixing the more greatest hits of the year 70/80's, remixed or covered in a more modern version. We can even call it "disco house".

As a singer he feat. in some international house tracks, but he published his first own record "Senorita, sexy chica " written and produced together with the already known Alex Avenue from Scarlet music (downloadable in iTunes)

Actually he’s active as MD for Tv format called “Solo chi c’ha Fede” (#scchf) at Sportitalia

Stay Tuned & Focused

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