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Bois Le Duc

The Netherlands Techno House Tech House Deep House

Bois Le Duc is Richard Damen, a Dutch musician with music flowing through his veins. Once positioned #25 on Beatport best DJ's of the world with 3 'Top Mixes'. Gifted with his passion, Bois Le Duc turns his creativity into creation, producing music and spreading unique vibes to organize a unity for the love of dance.

Being a DJ & producer didn’t actually came as a suprise. The love for music started at the very beginning in his mother’s belly when his daddy also was a DJ & radioshow host back in the 80’s. At the age of 14, he walked into the same footsteps as his dad. Starting his DJ career at the competitor of his dad, being a radioshow host & program maker.
When Richard accidentally got asked for mixing music at an event, he discovered even a bigger thrill than presenting radio shows. Making people dance with the music he played caused goosebumps from his head till toe. That’s when ‘Bois Le Duc’ was born.

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