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Bogota, Colombia Electro House Dubstep Drum & Bass +1

Jeisson Leonardo (Bogotá D.C., Colombia - 1993)

Electronic music producer and composer of soundtracks for movies and video games.

His music is inspired by his life, personal tastes and musical artists. Feels much admiration and inspiration from artists like Rob Swire, Akira Yamaoka, Kavinsky, Nick Douwma, Hans Zimmer and many more.

Blaynoise talent and powerful music is an emerging artist who shares his beats, sounds and musical vision.

His melodies are complex, but pleasing to the ear, stands out for the originality and versatility with vibrant and distorted sounds.


Shows his first musical works as remixes and original tracks, in October of that year released his first EP called “Aftershock” in which fuses genres such as electro house and drum and bass.


His second EP called ‘Bloody Party’ was released on February 1 and broadcast on the radio station Radiònica. The second part of ‘Bloody Party EP “was released on July 14, with a total of 9 songs.

'Evolution EP’ released in December 5, scored his producer career thanks to the fusion of genres and improvements in quality and production.


It premiered many productions including his successful EP called “Enemy” was released through the label Bonerizing Records and received support from important DJs and producers like Borgore in his Radioshow, Far Too Loud, DJ Bl3nd, Excision, Kannibalen Records and many more, also his song 'Planet Terror’ received support from the producer Excision.

In July this year he presented his remix of the song “Night Shine’ for Excision and was included in the compilation of official remixes and released on the label Rottun Records, for Blaynoise this is one of the most important achievements of his career.

In October he presented his record label 'Feelnoise Music’ with new releases like 'Killer Instinct’ 'Nightmare EP’ and support to more producers.

His most recent 'Nightmare EP’ was released on December 5, is a great improvement in the quality of production, experimentation and fusion of a variety of cinematic styles with genres such as electro house, drum and bass.


It has released new singles on his label as 'Impact’ 'No Mercy’ 'Devil’s Dance’ and many more. He has also composed a soundtrack 'Darkness Falls Again’ and has announced a new EP of Blaynoise and his Drum & bass project Klllazy.

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