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Tempe, AZ, USA Breaks Dubstep Electro House Progressive House +1

What began as afternoon jam sessions in a garage and last minute fill-ins has become what we now know as a fresh new style. Justin Alson, aka BLACKLIST, grew up in the New England states, and as a result, was exposed to a number of genres of music. Beginning first with keyboard and classical guitar, his musical understanding led him towards the act of combining genres. His production include funky breaks, experimental hip hop and even some hard dance tracks. As electronica began to sweep the country, Justin realized that this scene would provide him an outlet for creativity. Upon obtaining his first turntables, progressive beats dominated his existence, that is until one of the tables went out. Armed with only a single table, a mixer, and a Sony Walkman, Justin began to focus on scratching. Nearly overnight, his passion switched to the broken beats of hip hop and as a result of his work, he gained the honor for opening for such acts as Lifesavas, Josh Martinez, Blackalicious, and Lyrics Born. But as we know electronica is a force undeniable, and he soon rejoined the masses as a 135 BPM beat junkie. With hip hop still very much in his soul, breakbeats were what made sense. Upon his move from New England to Seattle in March of 2005, he quickly realized that while the masses were moving to DnB and NuSkool, there was little to no representation of the€œfunky€? breaks. Enter the DJ we now know as BLACKLIST.

Releases on:
Noctem Audio
V.I.M Records
Diablo Loco

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