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Bitch Bros

São Paulo, Brazil Progressive House Techno Trance
Techno-Trance & EDM DJ duo started on early 2002 by Marcelo Domancich and Sybel Calmon, it took not much time for them to start playing alongside many great artists and djs from all around the world and releasing records on more than 20 record labels across the globe.

Nowadays Marcelo run Guilhotina Label Management working as A&R and mastering engineers for several labels including his own Guilhotina Records, Urbanized Records and Boobs & Loops.

Even with all this record labels management work, Bitch Bros still find time for playing around the globe alongside the best djs in the Club and Underground scene in places like Europe, USA and South America.

Bitch Bros productions and presentation styles shows as hard, involving and dancing with uplifting and progressive sounds combined with the groove strength of Funky and Driving Techno and sometimes trancy, together with a powerfull presentation, floor presence and involving rhythm, either in Marcelo’s alone djset most part of the time, or in their live+dj set or 4decks performance together, with an agressive and almost revolutionary, but even though dancing and involving style!

Electro/Progressive/Funky/Tech-Trance with an unique flavour: the Bitch Bros flavour!

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