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Billy Van

Bloomington, IN, USA Dubstep Electronica / Downtempo

Billy Van is a unique combination of hyper aggressive sounds, funky improvisation, and pop songwriting. Infectious melodies and stirring progressions are the foundation of his music, and his ability contrast those beautifully delicate craftings with filthy bass interjections has captured millions of listeners.

Billy’s first introduction to the EDM world came via YouTube remix/covers that he fondly calls “remashes”. Taking current pop hits, mashing them together harmonically and lyrically, he would recreate the tracks as EDM bangers and cut fresh vocals on top. This video series has received hundreds of thousands of views to date.

After seeing the response to these videos, Billy quickly put together an EP of dubstep remixes, the Cardigan EP. Featuring remixes of LMFAO, Breathe Carolina, Chris Brown, Lights, and Eiffel 65, this mix of classic hits and current jams spanned demographics and reached many new ears. With some creative marketing from his management, the EP was downloaded for free by over 7 million people. The viral success of this remix EP firmly secured Billy as a EDM/Pop force to be reckoned with.

The Cardigan remixes paved the way for Billy’s original music. In October of 2012, He released his debut full length album, Retro Punch. This collection of originals displayed the versatility of Billy’s production, featuring electro house, dubstep, drumstep, moombahcore, and glitch hop tracks all in one expertly crafted LP. The songs all feature Billy’s unique musicality. Retro Punch debuted at number 61 in the iTunes Top 100 Dance Charts.

Its clear that Billy Van is just getting started, and with a dedication to his craft and break-neck pace, Billy is on his way to the top.

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