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Big Sandz

Chicago, IL, USA Hip-Hop / R&B Dubstep Chill Out Electronica / Downtempo +2

An Electronic / Dubstep Producer who is learning the way of the universe and trying to share what he finds with everyone through his music. Some time ago Big Sandz moved out to San Francisco to pursue his art only to return to the city he's from, Chicago, to reunite with the Rage Face Records crew. Big Sandz started playing piano, saxophone and guitar at a young age, and later took up the art of djying and turntablism when he was 17.

Over time his sound has evolved from a combination of practicing these skills and mastering the art of mind/body expansion through sound. He thrives on the worlds energies and loves to elevate peoples mind's and spirits. He has a passion for creating music that gives people chills and loves all things that live under the sun.

Big Sandz is a producer & Co-Owner of Rage Face Records, a Chicago based Dubstep/Electronic/House record label.

His dream is to be able to share as much love as possible with this world and to creatively grow along side of it. He hopes to open closed hearts, bring vision back to the blind and show others how to find freedom within.

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