Key Commands

Ben Orsound

Montreal, QC, Canada Electro House Progressive House Tech House +2


Many Dj / Producers in the EDM industry strive to reach the top charts or the recognition bestowed by the masses.
Ben Orsound is not one them.

He solely devotes himself to produce music for the sheer pleasure of it.

After 15 years of constant evolution, he has managed to deliver consistent quality regardless of the genre or format.
Composing, arranging, mixing and mastering are all within his skill set.
Self taught, he always finds himself researching new techniques, new technologies and new genres in order to feed his musical journey.
A testament to the fact is the title of "Producer of the Year" in 2002 for his contribution to the Montreal Hip Hop landscape as well
as rubbing shoulders with internationally acclaimed group IAM.
Followed by support from the likes of Tormenta records (T.Tommy), JJ Mullor (Club Session, Supermarket records),
Omar Cito Perez (Pacha Recordings), Dj Amadeus (Warehouse records) and Spain's premiere dance radio show, Essential Deluxe.

When Ben is not producing for EDM industry, he is scoring for the Film and Television producers of his beloved Montreal city.
Some of his credits include Canne's FilmFestival nominated "Cafe de Flore".

With all this being said, he still manages to find time and devotion for the next generation of producers by teaching every now and then to kids who can't afford it.

As an individual and as an artist, he strives to share his passion and sense of accomplishment.
Throughout many outlets and countless Dj gigs, he always keeps in mind originality and hard work.
Because those two principles are the foundation to his soul's longing.

With a proven track record and the consecutive signing of his first four original EPs, the future is bright and full of promises.

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