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Ben Lost

London, UK Psy-Trance Techno Progressive House +1

Ben Lost: 'I once was lost but now am found' / an end-times update by GG Allin Poe.

Ben Lost's 20 year career in music has been diverse to say the least, or perhaps aimless would be more accurate, as his 'Lost' moniker would suggest.....either way, it started at the age of 13, touring the country with English punk stalwarts The UK Subs and most recently saw him sign a new live project called Federation to Paul Oakenfold's legendary Perfecto Fluoro label.

Along the way, he signed a controversial teen band to London records, joined Hooj Choons A&R squad, led Lost Language Recordings, forged a successful international DJ career, released an album on Global Underground and wrote numerous dance floor anthems ('Jump the Next Train', 'Digital Reason', 'Another Sunday', 'Needs to Feel'.....etc) before ditching it all for an extended period of what Ben called 'nihilistic asceticism'.

What followed were seven years spent in the wilderness - 'playing in bands, pissing about with mysticism and living like a gypsy' - before regaining some sanity and returning to the scene with the aforementioned Federation, a 'Goth/Trance' band who are set to release their 4th single through Perfecto, accompanied by a live video, shot when the boys supported Paul Oakenfold at The Opera House in Bournemouth.

Since he was moving in these circles again, Ben rejoined Lost Language as head of A&R with a view to recapturing some of the old magic, digging deep into the new Goa, Techno and Psy-Trance scenes, before emerging with a dark, cinematic sound which can be heard in his recent DJ sets and on his new DI.FM radio show: Beyond the Black Radio with Ben Lost.

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