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Hamburg, Germany Techno House Electronica / Downtempo Deep House +1

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"Its not important what kind of specific music genre its called, its more about the fact, that different people with different influences will find their place while having a good time."

Bek is a passionate DJ and electronic music addict from Hamburg, Germany.
His main intention as a DJ is to bring together the best clubmusic of different styles without playin just one kind of specific genre.
"Being open minded for various styles keeps you fresh and creates some new ideas to bring it together in the way it fits best" Bek said.

In 2009 he started together with his mates Yoko, WCHM and Glogaritmo to host the ELECTRIC FABRIC events in Hamburg. For further information check

Electronic Music became a growing part in his life since he started Djing in 2002 and listening to EDM in 2000. Beside DJing itself, the reworking and at least production on tracks had a growing impact the past years.

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