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Paris, France Progressive House Deep House Tech House +1

Born in Beirut, Bee grew up surrounded by music since a young age. Engineer by day, DJ/Musician by night, she's an autodidact who grew an interest for technology in art and sound. Her early projects started in 2000 as a guitarist and bassist in many Alternative Rock Bands forging her love for complex progressive rock experiments and jazz projects.

Meanwhile her love for electronic music was never too far and her DJing journey took an unexpected turn in 2006 after meeting a couple of DJ friends who challenged her into Djing and initiated her into spinning records. Influenced by many music styles and artists, she's inspired by everything around her. Her sets are unique experiments, flirting with Deep, Tech and Progressive House as well as Rock, Hip Hop and Jazz. A colorful music, that grooves, that tells stories, to which listeners can relate to.

friskyRadio has been a major turning point in Bee's musical career since a while now. Today, she presents, a monthly musical rendez-vous SYNCHRONICITY that promises to be an intense, groovy and colorful experience into sound.

SYNCHRONICITY airs every 3rd Thursday of the month, at 4pm CET on
It's all about engaging on a musical journey!

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