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Beat Tempest

France Breaks Electro House Electronica / Downtempo Hardcore / Hard Techno +5

Beat Tempest is a french Dj,Producer,remixeur born to live his passion.
Lulled by rock and roll, blues, he is interested very early by electronic music with titles and artists such as « JUMPING TO THE PARTY » by Space Master,« GOT TO GET IT » by Culture Beat and the best « ROCK TO THE BEAT » by Kevin Saunderson.He finds in this music a great spirit of freedom.

At the end of the nineties he follows the techno movement and He discovers a real passionand he start Djing on club and free party in the East of France, his native area.Pounding Grooves, Terminal Rec., CLR Rec., Hydraulix were some of his favourite labels.Autodidact and always with the desire to progress he realizes that djing wasn’t enough any more.Guess what, next step he creates and plays his own music.He then move with a basic live set like sequencer, drum machine, synthesizer and back on the road.

In 2007 after several years of road trip in France and Europe with different sound system ,there was kind of a turning point in his progression and he joined a Techno, HardTechno label SoundAttack Records at Bordeaux.He plays and releases with artists like Hardtraxx, Riino, Orteka and more .The adventure lasts 3 years but his interest into producing was growing and begins to create more various sounds.He produce breakbeat, electro ,finds his Rock and Roll mind and finally Beat Tempest was born.

Since shortly, he is based in Nantes and he created his label CClone records and begins to work for LOT49,VIM records,KindCrime recordings,AUX Technology.He organizes events and he also creates projects with VJing, graffiti artist and more with always a common point, creativity ,smile and good music.Today, joined LOT 49 which gives it stability for his futur projects.Advance with this great family is a real honor and feels ready to conquer the world of electronic music.

But this guy has an overflowing creativity and like produce all music style.For him it’s feelings the most important and finally he starts to produce Deep , Techno with a dark and hypnotic atmosphere.This new style is really different and decided to create a new alias « Doze » for complete his project.For this new project he doesn’t want create music alone and finally he started to produce with a great producer from Budapest « Metha » and it promises a very good pair because they have the same objective, live their passion, live music.Dj confirmed, producer more and more complete ,today he will give the maximum for his new team and hope to evolve for a long time with them .

For conclude, we will end with one of his preferred expression « No more blah blah and let’s dance »

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