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Beat 4 Minute

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Electro House Progressive House Tech House +1

Beat 4 Minute is a project of producer and DJ Rio Thiago Acioly.

Thiago Acioly had his first professional contact with music in the late 2000s with the group "Fusion", which was a producer / songwriter / singer in the genre Pop / Rock.During 07 years has gone through several formations with his band, especially including "Elevation" (Gospel) and "Season 5" (National Pop interpretations devoted to merging with his own compositions).

In 2007, he discovered his true passion for electronic music scene in Rio de Janeiro, beginning a journey that would not return. The music producer by then Thiago Acioly begun a new stage in your professional life in partnership with music producer Diego Alves, and start the project "Elektro Kardiogramm" in their seasonal performances.

The producer, since the beginning of electronic design, always known for its line of action. Maybe even by instinct, always felt attracted by the "LOW" and its variations such as: MINIMAL / TECHNO / TECH HOUSE / ELECTRO HOUSE / PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, almagrando where all these styles with his strong personality and dancing.

After 3 years of laboratory, production with a fine and accurate, in 2010, was finally born its long-awaited solo project "Beat 4 Minute", with a distinctive and innovative sound, gave off a new prominence to both domestic and international trends, where seeking a new sound for alternative artists and selected from them the true, authentic and pure electronic sound to the refined connoisseurs of the genre.

With this project, the "Beat 4 Minute", can offer the public the electronic tracks a seductive concept Rio, featuring a distinctive style and biased. With the same passion that the project was created and why it develops, we expect Rio to infect the public as engaging in this scenario!

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