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Bassline Jack

Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada House Deep House Electro House Tech House +2

Bassline Jack (Jacqueline Pashley) is a Professional Female DJ / Artist from Toronto, Ontario, now living in Sudbury, ON. In the mix since 2006, Bassline Jack has grown in skill and fan base and is well known Electronic Dance Music artist across Canada.

Growing up in Port Perry, Ontario, Jacqueline developed her passion for performance at a very young age. Always involved, always laughing, always singing. Very early Jacqueline was exposed to the dramatic arts, began playing percussion and developed a obsession with music and performance.

Jacqueline's love for the DJ Arts developed after moving to Toronto, ON and being exposed to the Toronto Electronic Dance Music scene. She has been heavily influenced by local Canadian electronic royalty Manzone and Strong, Flipside, Deko-ze, Sydney Blu, Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Jayforce and Deadmau5 to name a few. Night after night Jacqueline would follow these artists around town watching, learning, mimicking. Days were filled with countless trips to local record shops 2TheBeat and PlayDeRecord to dig through vinyl to discover new sounds. Local 2TheBeat entrepreneur Brian Barbroff and his staff D-Monic (PurePhunk) and Mr. Brown (Soul in Motion) would often let Jacqueline practice mixing records in the back of the shop becoming friends and mentors to help develop her new found passion for house and broken beat music.

This respected lady DJ has been busy on stage and in the studio mixing her way to the top of the dance charts and was recently featured in DJ Mag Canada (April 2014) alongside her partner Rekka for their exceptional production work. Jackie has also been featured on many FM, community and college radio stations, high profile podcasts, performed at major music events and was highlighted across Canada as a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl...Twice.

Over the past decade, with the help of many Canadian artists, Bassline Jack is now playing to crowds all over Canada with highlights including the World Pride Parade 2014 and The Kitchissippi Music Festival. Bassline Jack has also been invited south of the boarder to California, USA to play alongside DJ Crystal Ellis and Jackie’s favourite leading lady DJ Rhiannon.

Most recently, Jacqueline graduated with honours from Cambrian College in Sudbury ON for Independent Music Production and gave birth to her first child - Caleb.

Bassline Jack is best known for her upbeat and high energy house sets with sound technical transitioning, heavy bass lines, and animated performance style.

You can expect to hear house (all genres), and feel good drum & bass, twerk, trap.

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