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Bassline Jack

Toronto, ON, Canada Dubstep Electro House Drum & Bass

Bassline Jack (Jacqueline Pashley) is a Professional Female DJ based in Toronto, Ontario. In the mix since 2006, Bassline Jack has grown in skill and fan base and is quickly becoming a well known Electronic Dance Music artist across Canada. This respected lady DJ has been busy on stage and in the studio mixing her way to the top of the Reverbnation dance charts and is featured in DJ Mag Canada (April 2014) alongside her partner Rekka for their exceptional production work. Recently, Jacqueline has also been featured on many FM, community and college radio stations, high profile podcasts and was highlighted across Canada as a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl for January 2013 and 2014. This multi-talented DJ is best known for her high energy, multi-genre DJ sets with sound technical transitioning, bouncy bass lines, and animated performance style.


Scaddabush - Toronto, ON
The Sound Academy - Toronto, Ontario
Hotel Boutique - Toronto, Ontario
Shopsy's Bar and Grill, Toronto Island, Ontario
XS Nightclub (Republik) - Toronto, Ontario
Nocturne - Toronto, Ontario
West 7 Nightclub - Toronto, Ontario
The Drake Hotel - Toronto, Ontario
Pacha Lounge - Toronto, Ontario
The Barn - Toronto, Ontario
Li'ly Lounge - Toronto, Ontario
Toi Bar - Toronto, Ontario
Chino Bar - Toronto, Ontario
Scaddabush - Mississauga, Ontario
Xplicit Nightclub - Ajax, Ontario
Deer Creek Golf and Country Club - Ajax, Ontario
Club South - Ajax, Ontario
Sports Gardens, Iroquois Park Whitby, Ontario
OMHA Closing Ceremonies, Iroquois Park Whitby, Ontario
W (Johnny B's) - Whitby, Ontario
Vogue Nightclub (Heat) - Whitby, Ontario
Rodeo Saloon (Club 110) - Whitby, Ontario
Ritual Nightclub - Ottawa, Ontario
The Junction - Peterborough, Ontario
Minden Community Centre - Minden, Ontario
General Motors Centre - Oshawa, Ontario
Durham Quarter Marathon, Lakeview Park - Oshawa, Ontario
E.P. Taylors, Durham College/ UOIT - Oshawa, Ontario
Karma Nightclub - Oshawa, Ontario
The Roi (Le Skratch)- Oshawa, Ontario
The Lake House - Pickering, Ontario

Heat Ultra Lounge - Anaheim, California, USA
Envy Ivy Hotel - San Diego, California , USA

and MORE!

MISSION - To become one of the top EDM DJs in the world.


Music - I believe music is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. I am drawn to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and all it's forms because it moves me. It gives me the uncontrollable urge to "Jack my body".

Education and Growth - I am committed to a lifestyle of continuous improvement in all areas of my life. "I don't know what I don't know..." and am dedicated to finding solutions to achieve my dreams and desires.

Health and Fitness - I understand that physical and mental health is the foundation to a long and happy life. I strive to remember this importance, for myself and others, to feed our mind and body with good food and thought each day. I've come to realize we only limit ourselves.

Empowerment - I am I firm believer in positive thought. I continue to exercise this in my daily life and am currently committed to finding new and exciting ways to rid my mind of negative thoughts and emotions completely. I've been taught that negativity has NO VALUE. It is wasted energy and is usually a result of wrong thinking. Although somedays I struggle, I try to remember myself and my mission.

Laughter - Above all else, I laugh. I love to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Respect - I strive to respect myself and others at all times. I welcome change into my life. I love people who are different, unique, independent and kind. I am open to new experiences and new ways of thinking. I don't care what colour you are, what language you speak, or what you are wearing... check your attitude at the door;) Love lives here.

Charity - I have a strong desire to strengthen my community through volunteer work with friends and family. I am highly interested in creating awareness and prevention of child abuse globally. It may or may not be a secret that sexual abuse was a hurdle from my past. With love from my community, family and friends I have gone from "zero to hero" and have become more powerful than ever! No man, woman or child ever, ever, ever deserves to be mis-treated.

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