Key Commands

Bass Glutton

Boston, MA, USA Deep House Tech House House Minimal

If you like music from labels like Dirtybird Records, Pets Recordings, Food Music, Hot Creations, Playperview etc. then you need to dive into the world of Bass Glutton. Producer/DJ Nick Smeed wanted to take his music back to where he started before the aggressive styles of his more commonly know identity of L.E.D.FUT took over. Even as L.E.D.FUT Nick always expressed his versatility through his production showing that he could dabble in just about any genre and do it well. If you know Nick one thing that he has always expressed was that he had a real sweet spot when it came to deep, sexy, bassy music with a hiphop/rnb influence. Starting out as a hiphop/Rnb producer this came as no surprise. Bass Glutton is essentially electronic music made for people who love to overindulge in those sensual, soulful, intelligent, in your face bassy beats and grooves. Bass Glutton intends to elaborate on the current styles in this realm of electronic music and also pepper in some of the classic styles we have all come to love over the years. His impecable skill of fusing many styles and adaptability to read and please just about any crowd makes for unforgettable live performances that are something you truly have to experience for yourself.

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