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Tech House Breaks Techno Indie Dance / Nu Disco +4

b-phreak is a dj/producer from mainz (germany). he started with
djing about more than 17 years ago. his musical influences are wide spread, they reach from hip-hop and breakbeats to techno, funk, house, electro, punk. in the early 90's he also was a singer in a rock band. this brought him additionally aspects of musical inspirations.
He sharped his skills and the love for electronic music, while
working 7 years in a vinyl/cd shop.
his dj-sets are mainly hit with a own explosive mixture of breaks,
completed with kickin electro house,
where the groove and funkyness are defenetly not missing!
with his countless mash/ re-rubs that he produces beside his normal/regular releases,
his dj-sets become a very exclusive character.
b-phreak already played his dj- sets worldwide in various clubs and events like: breakspoll @ fabric/
london '08, Palazzo/Bingen (Resident Dj), chew the fat!, Nature one (Open Air), Sonnemondsterne Festival/ Saalburg,
summer Festival/ sevilla (Spanien), Gripboedov club/ st. Ptersburg (russland)and many more...
he had also guest appearences on radio shows like: radio xxl (clubtraxx), you-fm (clubstarter), radio soundworx, Radio Rheinwelle (Tower-Radio) and radio stay tuned (with the highest rating since the beginning of the show) and on annie nightingales breaks- show on radio one (the last summer's sunset rising party in berlin tv-tower)
The fusion of different styles are also reflecting his own productions, which are settled in the tech/funky breaks-sector. thru some years of good relations to the english breaks- scene was it possible for him, to release his own tracks on well known uk- labels like:
freakaboom, boombox (as slung groove), fat!, splank!, mofo, gene poole, westway, dead famous, lucky break, viper jive, ground level, dusted breaks, hard & hits, kindcrime rec, royal one, pooty club, and the berlin based label carepack. his tracks also appeared on div. compilations like chew the fat!- sessionns 2, more boom for ya box, idj mag pres.hexadecimal mix cd (nov.'08), disruptive beats (ground level), straight up breaks, r & b (rhythm and breaks) compilation 1, 3, 7, 23
the reactions from the world wide music press was very positive. he appears on the playlists from well known djs like vigi, ali b., jay cunning, slyde, ben & lex, tayo, plump dj's, drumattic twins, hyper, soul of man, general midi, aquasky, elite force, leeroy thornhill (ex prodigy) and also in the charts of english music mags: dj/idj, Jockey slut, mixmag, knowledge, mofo and coolcut radio- charts on kiss fm. he has also done a track (break 'ya self/ wipeout edit) for the video- game "wipeout pulse" on sony playstation 3/psp.
Since october '99 he started his own event series named "sub-funk". this events held regulary in different locations. at those sub- funk events are attach importance
to a varity of styles and the rule is always: Urban music for open minded people.
meanwhile he's one of germany's biggest breakbeat exports!!!

for booking inquiry's please contact:


- phuzz´ya / bounce (badaboomm)
- mugshot (freakaboom)
- fonky vibe / take it back (carepack rec)
- chunk style (fat rec)
- break ya´self (splank rec)
- repeated groove (mofo)
- punchfunk (carepack)
- get down/ move ya body (mofo)
- feel the groove/ let the rhythm (mofo)
- break ya self -wipeout edit
sony( for "wipeout pulse" game on playstation 3/psp)
- funkbox (mofo)
- sonic roc (gene poole)
- check your mind/snap dragon (gene poole)
- dizco tek / human (mofo)
- b-phreak_wavy gravy (dead famous)
- firecrack (lucky breaks)
- circuit breaker + b-phreak "droppin' this (dead famous)
- mustang / crank (westway rec)
- speaker phreaker / warped (westway rec)
- scream & shout (gene poole)
- bulletproof (dusted breaks)
- shooked (dusted breaks)
- x-static (dusted breaks)
- lost your mind feat liz melody (lucky break)
- slamdunk (dusted breaks)
- body check (dusted breaks)
- drop it/ body check/ 2 140'sversions (dusted breaks)
- re-wired/ base rocker (Royal one rec.)
- watch dis/ don't stop (dusted breaks)
- you are sick/ (dusted breaks)


- kickflip (a.k.a. Slung Groove/ boombox rec) remixes
- marschmellow's feat. mc sireal
it ain't right, b-phreak rmx gene poole
- dj phunkae vs jack beazly_so much funk - b-phreak
remix (realhype rec)
- curtis b_take you / b-phreak remix (royal one rec)
- elite synthesis_no breaks, we don't stop/
b-phreak remix_(royal one records)
- jeff adachi (simpley jeff)_baby hubba/ b-phreak remix
(beyond zilla records)
- leuce rhythms_headroot (your love) b-phreak rmx (scarcity)
- hanuman tribe_muscle step (riot riot rec)
- the gulf gate project_illuminatri/ b-phreak rmx (dusted breaks)
- doc trashz_we are worriors/ b-phreak rmx( kill beat rec)
- journeyman vs barrcode_ summer of dub/ b-phreak remix (digital sensation rec.)
- breaking news_body flow/ b-phreak remix (pooty club rec.)
- demolition disco_big mama/ b-phreak remix (riot riot rec.)
- rebel sketchy_the ride/ b-phreak remix (ground level rec.)
- hardnoise_away/ b-phreak rmx (hard & hits rec.)
- intiman_suck my deck/ b-phreak rmx( kindcrime rec.)
- torqux_corrected/ b-phreak remix (kindcrime rec)
- kid panel_the beat goes/ b-phreak remix (distorsion rec)
- fisso & spark_let the bass kick/ b-phreak remix (breakz r boss rec)


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