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Australia Psy-Trance Techno

[ Zenon Records / Jaira Records ]
[ Solar Records / Unstable Sounds ]

Throughout mythology the world around, AZRIN is more commonly known by the name of Azrael, the angel of death. Depicted as an arc angel sent to kill all sinners, however with the thirst for it, he became rogue and was condemned to life in the underworld. In one of his forms, he has 4 faces, 4000 wings, and his whole body consists of eyes & tongues, the number of which corresponds to the number of people inhabiting the Earth. He will be the last to die, recording & erasing constantly in a large book the names of man at birth & death. Azrin's DJ performances are as twisted as this legend, but more than just a tale of life and death, they show the ascension of the future sound of psychedelic techno.

Merging the two worlds of dark psygressive & deep techno, a sound unheard around the world, until now. Breaking the mould with his everlasting energy & enthusiasm, creating his own fusion of deep twisted techno, acid & driving psychedelic wonk. All to be felt within a single performance, showing the masses how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

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