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United Kingdom Trance Electronica / Downtempo Chill Out

At the beginning of 2002, in Aedipsos, at the north coast of Evia, Dimitri, began playing trance and progressive sounds! At the same time, he used his imagination playing and jamming and creating his own key sounds! From a very young age Auxio felt in love with music. This love lasts ’til today and it is expanding. The origins of classic music led Dimitri to felt in love with trance. This was the base for his journey.

Nearly at the age of fifteen years old, Auxio started performing as a dj in clubs and bars in Greece, (more clearly in Evia Island, in a small town called Aedipsos, where he was born), such as Bazaar Club, Riviera Bar, Ariadni Club, Aigli Bar, Me Gusta Club, Alla d’Alla Club and Istiea bar. The summer of 2008 Auxio was the resident Dj of Le Terme Bar in Aedipsos. This was the nodal point for him because a plethora of people started knowing him through his music choices. During that period till today he is making his own shows on Steezyradio, hosting his 2 hour Dj set under the name of ”Auxio’s Golden Snuff Box” , every Sunday.

In 2009 he performed in 50 Days Club (Athens, Gkazi) in a 3 hour set of Progressive Trance music. There was a small pause for him these years cause Auxio, moved in London for a new beginning and started creating his own music. Ultimately aims to develop and incorporate his sounds into the music industry. A new beginning for him.

Music is the answer for everything in Dimitri’s life and he plays music for the people, using the vibes and melodies to take them on a journey. The sun, the sea, the wind and the earth give us all inspiration and in the eyes of Dimitri, our life is a masterpiece, cut into parts and moments. What matters is how you arrange them and use them.

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