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Audio Kaleidocope (David Lam & Hau Li )

Hong Kong Progressive House Electronica / Downtempo Tech House +2

Audio Kaleidoscope Discography

1.Audio Kaleidoscope - A380 HeathRow 2 Hong Kong
Baroque Records 2011

2.Audio Kaleidoscope -Back Tomorrow

3.Audio Kaleidoscope - Back Tomorrow "Audio Kaleidoscope 20Hz Alert "

4.AudioKaledioscope - Perfect Day

5.Audio Kaleidocope - I Lost You Yesterday C-D-R

6. Audio Kaleidoscope - Tribal America

7.Jayn Hanna - River Of Tear " Audio Kaleidoscope " Bootleg

About History :

Audio Kaleidoscope was founded by renowned Hong Kong based DJ David Lam in 1998. Focusing on local and international DJ’s booking as well as organizing various tours, parties and club nights in its early days, the organization now involves itself in a wide range of musical events promotions, productions, technical support and consultancies around Hong Kong, Mainland China and other locations in South East Asia.

Having always been one of the most prominent members of the local club scene in town since the early 90’s, David’s unique experience and vision on both the scene as well as electronic music in general lays down a solid foundation for Kaleidoscope when it was launched over a decade ago. Prior to that, early involvements with Renaissance, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound and other club tours in Asia under Fierce Productions (with Michael Graham) had given David the opportunity to enhance such expertise, leading to the setting up of his own sound system. When Kaleidoscope Sound System was eventually starting up its full gear in 1998, putting on local club nights and parties with a focus on a unique melodic yet energetic sound, such events were well received by punters around and gradually building up a fans and followers base within the local club scene.

Besides local gigs, Kaleidoscope also took part in other international events. For instance it looked after the Ministry of Sound Asia Tour from 1998 until 2002. While representing a range of local DJ’s in the territory, Kaleidoscope is also very well connected to numerous DJ’s, agents and super clubs worldwide, and had brought in some of them for successful gigs in Hong Kong.

With such experiences and networking, Kaleidoscope has now a handful of our own exclusive DJ’s and acts available for booking, including local and international ones. Together with numerous other famous acts around the world, Kaleidoscope will find no trouble in recommending someone whom will most suitably fit into the party/event one would like to organize.

While on one hand handling all business in a strictly professional manner, spiritually Kaleidoscope Sound System still believes in PLUR, a term which long time punters may find familiar with. It stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, and it was during the early 90’s when rave culture was at its full momentum this popular belief among punters leading to an overall positive and friendly attitude within the scene and its culture. Kaleidoscope would like to emphasize on this positive thinking and thereof unofficially trying to act as a medium in promoting this.


David Lam

David Lam began his career as a professional DJ in 1987 after spending some time on other technical aspects in the club scene; it was the passion in discovering and sharing new sounds to the crowd that led him to the decision to stand behind the decks and spinning tunes to then a world that would prefer mainstream pop rather than underground tracks.

David gradually moved into the local club scene when house music began to make its impact in HK during the early 90’s. However, due to commercial demand, many of his sets were limited to a more mainstream approach than he would like it to be. In 1992 he met DJ 7-UP, aka Lee Burridge, who was still in Hong Kong spinning at local clubs as well as putting on his own underground parties. Both became good friends and while having a liking for David’s uplifting DJ style, Lee also encouraged him moving towards a more underground approach. During this period David also befriended with other local heroes like Joel Lai, Abby Lai and Roy Malig, and being a part of this circle given him enormous support in further developing his own music style within the period.

By 1995 David was already having his residency at Judgment AD, then one of the most happening mega clubs in town. In trying to compete with another colleague who basically played anthem after anthem in his set, David took a drastic shift in going totally underground in his set. To his surprise, it was greatly appreciated by the crowd and since then there is no turning back.

At around 1996-7 the underground party scene in HK arose, thus giving David the best opportunity to take a further step in building up his own underground sound. With a good mix of the progressive sound alongside something deep and funky, spiritual as well as uplifting, he soon proved himself one of the most popular local DJs in the scene. David have since played alongside with numerous international DJs who came to HK touring, organizing electronic dance music parties, club nights and raves of different styles, and provided consultancies and support to others who needed them.

Having established himself as one of the most preeminent DJs in town, David then got himself into setting up his own Kaleidoscope Sound System in 1998, initially focusing at organizing parties. In the same year, collaborating with Roy Malig, Trendza Muzik began business, dealing mainly with dance music record sales. Later in 1999, David also started working with Michael Graham under the Fierce tag name, which was responsible for a range of super clubs and international DJ’s tour in Asia, including Renaissance, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound and many more.

David has also been playing overseas for numerous times, receiving praising response from all over. These include spinning at Renaissance (Nottingham, UK) with Dave Seaman, Gatecrasher (Sheffield, UK), Passion (Paris, France), Kiss (Hamburg, Germany), Zouk (Singapore), the Ministry of Sound World Tour (London, Bangkok, Toronto, Sydney), various clubs and parties in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul alongside DJs like PVD, Slacker, Breeder and so on.

Played Alongside:

Sasha / BT / John Digweed / Armin van Buuren/Paul Oakenfold / Paul Van Dyk@ Seoul / Carl Cox / Ashley Casselle / Dave Seaman / Tarrentella / Timo Maas / Chris & James /Andrin Nalin/Breeder/ OliverLieb/Sister Bliss/Lange/Deep Dish / James Zabiela / Parks & Wilson / John Kelly / Judge Jules / Seb Fontaine / Adam Freeland / Innate / J D S / Tall Paul / Phil Perry /LeftField /Lee Coombs/ Danny Rampling/Slacker / Breeder / Jody Wistonoff / Hybrid/Quivver / John OO Flemming /Jam & Spoon/Meat Katie / Phil K / Terry Francis / Max Graham/ Satoshi Tomiie / Nick Warren / Peace Division / Santos /Slacker/ Jimmy Van M / Hernan Cattaneo / Chris Fortier / Elite Force / New Order / Darren Emerson / Grame Park /Phil K & Luke Chable / Stelios Vassiloudis/ Sister Bliss/ Gareth Emery / Andy Moor / Kyau & Albert/ Dibby Dougherty /Luke Porter/Cid Inc/ Trafik & more .....


Hau Li

Talking About ” DJ HAU “ Now His Music is Unbelievable, Can
Both To Work Commercial & Underground, His Hard Work Career & Much More Local Hong Kong Dj’s Respect …
Let Me Show You & His Music Style Details

For Commercial Genre:
Mashup, Uplifting Electro, Energies, Dance, House Music , Dirty Dutch & Pop.

For Underground Genre:
Tech House, Progressive, Tech-No, Etc ....,


In the advertising sector in 1999 From 2000 he Start To His First Deejay Life & 2004 His First Released at ‘Avex Trax’ エイベックス トラックス“ Best Of Asia " Began to Dedicate Himself To His Own Productions Editing Likes, displaying to the Public an Authorial And more Personalized Side to his Abilities. With Successful Night Club in Hong Kong Likes ' Rich, Paparazzi & Hot ' with Respect His Talent growing in the Local’s Scene.

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