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Audio Corruption

Chill Out Indie Dance / Nu Disco Breaks +8

I first started DJ’ing in 1994. Having got my first set of Technics and a firm love for anything broken beat related, I began my journey in the early days of hardcore, which led into the short lived jungle sound, and then onto drum and bass. I moved away from DJing in 98/99 for a couple of years, The music was beginning to bore me, and I moved onto less DJ friendly sounds which left me with little need to touch a turntable. In 2000 I first started hearing what was being labeled “Nu Skool Breaks” and my love for EDM was quickly restored! And as such I dragged my decks from the closet and began and epic journey back into sound.

I now have a very open mind when it comes to music. As a youth I grew up as a purist, finding one genre of electronic dance music and living by it. Over the years as I have grown up, I have begun to listen to a much broader range of music, and have adopted a kind of “anything goes” approach to my DJ’ing. I’ve stopped playing music because its cool to be playing it, or it’s the “in” thing everyone is listening to right now. I play what I like, and follow one rule, if its sounds good, play it!

The majority of the music I play is still Electronica. From my love of underground hardcore in the early 1990′s I have still remained playing quite underground dance music. Ranging from Breakbeat to Detroit Techno, Electro to Downtempo and Chillout.

I work as a web developer, and my love of creating and designing things flows out across my life. I love blogging and all aspects of social media, your find me on several twitter accounts and of course on Facebook.

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