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Moscow, Russia Chill Out Techno Hip-Hop / R&B House +4

Attaboy is the one who gathers in itself its own approach to electronic sound and mood. For the past three years in his DJ sets as well as in his own work on labels such as BluFin, Night Drive Music, I Records and Monique can hear perspectives massive tech house with elements of hip hop vocals and light melodies Deep House.

Inspiration of the old school 90's house is reflected in many of his works, classic body from korg and rhythmic set of drum machine. If you've heard one of his works called Groove Land you will hear the true sound of the old school house. Attaboy is a wide range of sound temperament from Ambient to Techno sound. Since training at the University of Russia most of the time he dedicate his Dj sets. Feeling powerful club sound and qualitative approach to his sets to be it in large Croatia or raves on the beaches of Ibiza is the character relationships to the crowd and do really special night. He began a fruitful collaboration with Jimmy Savard in 2009 and signed to his label Monique Musique where issued one of the most popular tracks of India. Despite the fact that Attaboy young artist he has a good awareness of famous DJ producers and co-operation with many clubs and labels America Germany and Europe. Russia streets where he grew up and still lives Attaboy full underground parties and this has contributed to new ideas and inspiration for new projects. His love of music comes from the massive bass sound and sexy vocals exactly so you can often hear the incredible collection of beautiful deep house tracks in his sets. Experience of cooperation with many great musicians and promoters as well as the view of the electronic music scene with their own eyes led him the idea to create his project Hipstercast. Of great importance is the place to be a real love for indie and nu-disco music. Initially it was only monthly podcasts podcasts but when started very popular and take high the charts Beatport Mixes then had a number of new ideas.

Attaboy is a multifaceted person and his love the music is not the last of his inspiration to live and work. He also has a flair for creativity and design all what you see now around Hipstercast. All logos, cover for each podcast as well as new projects like Old Shool Cast, Underground Series, Chillout Session and all the idea of a hands of one person. Hipstercast a creative project with new ambitions for the team which was created by Attaboy and setting standards to be the best among others. To date, with many agencies cooperation labels, magazines and clothing stores give the audience a better chance to learn all about this project.Attaboy is one of those who like to work hard and, in the near future he will release his new album, Back to the 90's and is suitable for the creation of deep house tracks with Russian vocals that are first shown to the world of club culture.

His new projects that inspire people all over the world giving them up now valued as one of the best. Hundreds of thousands of downloads, it plays podcasts, DJ sets, live performances on stage as well as support from friends and family give him a breath of fresh new ideas.

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