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Arturo Moncada

San Jose, Costa Rica Minimal / Deep Tech Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Breaks DJ Tools +11

Music has always played a fundamental role in Arturo's life. Since a very early age, he developed a love for the art. With 11 years of experience as a drummer, he has played with several bands and has encompassed several genres. He has since dedicated this love of music to the art of spinning, and has been Djing for many years. Whatever sessions or projects he's part of, he brings about a unified variety of fresh and unique sounds.

His versatility and personality define him as an open-minded person; he is enthusiastically dedicated to his pursuits and passions. He strives to draw on different aspects and experiences from his life to develop innovative, driving, and hypnotic sounds. He describes his style as one that "break those standards and stereotypes that only close the doors to creativity" .

His varied influences can be classified in different genres and subgenres, which range from Deep-Techno, and Minimal-House to Techno-House and Minimal-Techno. Still, Arturo loves music in general, regardless of labels and categories. Some of his favorite influences include: Trentemøller, Ricardo Villalobos, Slam, Gaiser, Rhadoo, Troy Pierce, Magda, Monolake, Wighnomy Brothers, Markus Fix, Noir, Italoboyz, Richie Hawtin, Luna City Express, Markus Fix, Massive Attack, and Bonobo, among others. In addition to the electronic scene, he's also draws inspiration from jazz, metal, reggae, symphonic/instrumental, and experimental music.

Arturo’s work has led him to develop a presence on the national and international scene. He has shared decks with renowned artists, such as: Duo Mobius Strum (Half Seas Over), Melissa O, Ivan Gafer (D.U.B), Dwayne Gonzales (Barcelona/Ibiza) Christian Reige (Madrid), Mario Miranda (Killing Machine Records), Huba & Silica (JazzRobot, Massiva), William Umaña (HSO), Lawrence Casal (Promosonica), Fran Soto (HSO), Dj Nochi (D.U.B),David Charpentier (Clubbing Culture), Nimrod (Clubbing Culture), Alex Orias, Fernando Melo (25este75sur), Gabriel de Sandozequi and Lippa (D.U.B), among others. He has played in some of the most important venues in Costa Rica such as Club Vertigo, Club Retro (Rubik, Gameboy Lounge), Latino Rock Cafe (Freedom Dance Party's), Lubnan and Bar Morazan, to name a few.

Arturo enjoys many elements that may be considered obscure and distinctive, but moreover, that have a groovy feeling. Depending on the energy and mood of the crowd, and the venue, he can take his music to different levels, relentlessly combining and conceptualizing, in order to move his audience. He is always looking to reinvent his sound, regardless of whether it's "old" or "new" music.

Currently, Arturo is expanding his repertoire by experimenting with different sounds, while creating and producing his own music. Be it implementing new textures, exploring different ways of crafting his music, or looking for sounds from nature to manipulate and embrace, he lives music. This passion and urge to make great music is apparent in each set or track he creates.

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