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Arturo Broow

Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico Tech House Techno Minimal / Deep Tech


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This guy named Arturo Arturo Constantino known as Arturo Broow takes his love of music at 14 years old,
attending events and presenting as a spectator ...
It caught my attention, as I take the initiative influences being Disc Jockey, being so at age 15 participates in events different capital cities of mexico, taking experience from friends or acquaintances, driving and taking a huge importance to tech house, now Arthur Broow be presented at school to get started G-Martel his career as a producer, to favor the label in the currently working, being so Arthur has participated in various events mentioning as Special Guest, soon announced his new project to undertake with your friend Only 7 called "Rocket Monkeys" using a unique and innovative style of tech house genre, to provide 100% quality work ...
He has been fortunate to share a cabin with different DJ's nationally and internationally recognized well as local too ...

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