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Mateo Ochoa

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia Progressive House Deep House Tech House +1

Influenced by electronic music in many genres but especially in the House (alltypes). This leads in 2007 to undertake a difficult path in the production in the genera House (all types). In early 2010 he made his first album called Black Coffe. which characterize of a Mateo Ochoa,is his desire to forward motion every day trying to make a different production at all does not make much sense recored need to improve things but has talent and good taste in music also does not seek fame or glory, if not do things the best way to honor the genre. Mateo Ochoa is characterized by its wing musical taste when mixed in a good party, sounds good melody and a lot of energy. In the production always looking for something different without desviarce original style of each genre, will slowly but surely building a solid career, supported by various record labels in the region, Display so in the near future a great artist.

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