Key Commands

Ari Atai

London, UK Techno

For Ari Atai, one thing transcends every area of his being: his passion for music. It’s a passion that was first ignited as a child and has carried into his adulthood as something that will continue to be a driving force for the rest of his life. In fact, like many other musicians, his passion for music helps define who he is as a person.

Ari Atai has continued over the years to study and hone his craft with Berklee College of Music, learning a variety of areas in the field and utilizing his knowledge onto his own projects. In 2007, Ari Atai developed a keen interest in music production which shortly after introduced him to the world of sound design and audio engine​ering. He has since put those skills to good use, designing, producing, mixing, and mastering captivating sounds, including his popular orchestral piece titled “Immor​tals,” which was released in 2011 and quickly gained support from listeners and well-known producers around the world.

Never one to limit himself, Ari Atai continues to have an ear for all genres and always draws on it for inspiration for his forthcoming projects.

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