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Ali Qazi

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Producer - Rap Artist - Musician
AQ Records - Los Angeles, California
Born into a Pashtun family.
Data Centre Engineer by profession in Los Angeles.
Music became my passion in late 1999 , when I built the techniques to play Rabab with non traditional music or Western beats and Synths. This major accomplishment was not in practice since 7th century when the first Afghani Rabab was made. Rapid changes in song genres and Rabab being the gateway to my Music Production played big role in this change.

The entire idea of introducing Pashto music in Electronica, HipHop, Rap, Breakbeats, Electro House, Trance, Electro Pop, Chill and RnB became a big idea to me. Today after many years of hard work and abundance of time devoted to my hobby, a modern and revolutionary Pashto Music Production has been born.

Being a Producer, Rapper and Rabab player, I have combined numerous elements into my production, using Eastern/Western melodies to introduce a complete new era in Pashto music industry i.e Pure Pashto Electronica/HipHop

Setting up a Record Label [AQ Records] in Los Angeles was the official birth of "A Modern Pashto Music Production" solely intended to promoting Pashto Music, Arts and Culture with modern music yet preserving the Pashtun originality.

AQ Record's Audio/Video production is mainly focused on true representation of the rich, historic and conservative Pashtun culture that reflects the Pashtun Code of Conduct practiced for thousands of year.

AQ Records is currently producing songs in:
Pashto, English, Urdu and Instrumentals in following genres:
Electro House, Trance/Techno, Electronica/Breakbeat, Rap, HipHop and RnB, Instrumental Rabab with Beats [Produced specifically for new Rabab Mangay Expereince]

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