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Ante Perry

Dortmund, Germany Deep House

Some artists just need a few keywords in their description and the reader knows immediately who you are talking about. A man of distinction in many ways – through his appearance, his uncompromising rocking DJ sets, his own events, multi-genre productions and his fun-loving artistic lifestyle. We are talking about the natural workaholic, who is unmasked by a handful of keywords like ‚Flashing Disco Sounds‘, ‚Dortmund‘, ‚Apeoffice‘, ‚Moonbootique‘, ‚Systematic‘ and ‚Ante TV‘ - of course it‘s Dortmund‘s finest export Ante Perry.

The multi-media motto of ‚Flashing Disco Sounds‘ is highest on his agenda. Not only using the title as an accurate description of his DJ sound, but also as the title of one of his most successful series of events, a double Mix-CD-series (begun in 2008 and now in its second chapter) and the concept for a growing collection of E.Ps of his club-smashing productions. This second chapter will be released on Moonbootique, Ante‘s home label. ‚Flashing Disco Sounds Volume 2‘ is to be released in June 2001. Taking us deeper nd further into the swinging, dangerously sexy sound of Ante‘s DJ style, the double CD is a superb journey moving from rumbling night time Deep House into energetic disco moments, and back again. CD 1 features a superb mix, perfect for any occasion, while CD 2 showcases his outstanding studio skills, through 11 unmixed tracks including many exclusives produced for the album. A DJ for over 10 years, Ante Perry is a guaranteed investment. No matter where he plays his eclectic sets, he knows how to fit into any situation or party like a chameleon, still holding down his own special selection, capable of spinning addictive deep house in sweaty basements, to dramatic techno in the big rooms. In 2011 Ante has already got a heavy schedule ahead of him, including the sellout raves Mayday and Nature One. Ante is always hot on the production front. 2011 will see a new hit for Ante emerge on the respected Great Stuff label, with remixes of the burning ‚Ever Never‘, originally released on Moonbootique. Early 2011 will also see the launch of the exciting new ‚Apecast‘ - the Ante Perry Podcast series on iTunes, and the Flashing Disco Sunds radio show on EGO FM in Bavaria – presenting all kinds of music (from Old-school to New-school, via Disco, Funk, House and Techno). Ante continues to expand his grasp on the scene with his ever-fresh and forward thinking approach. Moonbootique, the label from the famous duo Moonbootica, is the home for Ante‘s productions, that often include collaborations with his ‚partnersin- crime‘ Tube & Berger or Kolombo. On Moonbootique Records as well as Marc Romboy‘s label Systematic you‘ll find acclaimed releases like ‚Beach Power‘, ‚Der Urknall‘ and ‚1,2,3,4‘ (remixed from Kabale und Liebe), which made Ante take his permanent place in playlists of international top DJs everywhere.

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