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Anonymous Electronica

Toronto, ON, Canada Electronica / Downtempo Dubstep Electro House Minimal / Deep Tech +2

10101: I make live House, Dubstep & Electronica. It's fun x]

“Explore thy Imagination & Embrace the Mystery” - The enigmatic words by Anonymous Electronica stand to question much more than his mystifying identity, they stand to question the very essence of life; His work, merely existing as an expression of this profound assertion.

After chasing the carrot for a few years blind and delirious, he decided it was time to wake up and produce a solid album. His problem? A divergent in the modern musical landscape, he did not want the ego to drive his musical expression. He decided to scrap all former ideas of what an artist “ought to be” and created an artist with no identity, no limitations.

Philosophy acting as the fuel for most of his projects, Anonymous dives deep into the “meaning” of his work. Rather being focused on a specific sound or genre, he produces content that flows best with the message he wishes to project; thus creating a rich atmosphere for those who are willing to explore.

Influences: Joel Zimmerman, Hugo Pierre Leclercq, Rob Swire, Richard David James
Sounds Like: Deadmau5, Haywyre, Aphex Twins & Jon Hopkins.


This is a disclaimer describing I am not part of the "Anonymous" Hacker organization in any way. I am an independent music producer under the alias "Anonymous Electronica". Please enjoy the music, the best has yet to come x]

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