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Angel R

Francolise, Province of Caserta, Italy Techno House Deep House Tech House

Angelo Russo ( Angel R/Red Angel) was born in Caserta 13/02/1996.At the ' age of 10 thanks to his cousin Francesco Ciccarelli (Dj Sly ) and especially his father , he begins to discover the world of music. Continue to follow the footsteps of DJ Sly , through various events, and so begin to understand the true value of music . His father , being a young music fan , follows his son , buying him a base of the console. Between 12 and 14 years old, began to distinguish the various genres of music , he decided to take the genre Tech- House, and at the same time perfecting his console. For his 15 years began to produce his first tracks and start time to show some progress. At the age of16 years is to produce a Spanish label ( Intech Records) , then with an English label ( Kushtee Beats ) . Even today, finally an adult, always try to give the best of himself and continues to create new productions looking for a day to realize his dream of spreading his sound and style to the whole world ...

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