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DJ andyredrum

Miami Beach, FL, USA Techno Tech House Progressive House +2

Creating a surreal atmosphere, where a dancer’s wildest dreams can come true, DJ andyredrum fuses eclectic dark techno with intricate progressive melodies. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, he seamlessly transcends from rhythm to rhythm, creating a ripple effect throughout any venue.

With a background in architecture, Andy’s approach to live sets is as methodical as designing space. Each track selection and transition he incorporates serve a purpose, and with his distinct approach to mixing, he ensures that there is never a gap in energy; he designs a vibrant space.

Often described as a versatile DJ who spins techno, house, and tribal beats to create fluid mixes, DJ andyredrum has come a long way from his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Although Miami is his current home, this nomadic underground DJ has played at clubs in Atlanta, held a residency for 3 years in Athens, and rocked the crowd at seasonal parties at venues such as Masquerade, Jungle Club, Wetbar, The Mark, and The Quad. And while living in Athens, he performed annually at Wired Music Festival. He’s periodically played in New Orleans clubs and on the radio at WTUL 91.5FM.

With great ambition and a flair for international sounds of techno, DJ andyredrum is currently hosting a bi-weekly 2-hour radio show on FNOOB radio, a London/Germany-based online radio station. Whether he’s spinning live or on the radio, he knows how to create an atmosphere for the crowd.

Equipped with a tantalizing creative energy, DJ andyredrum has a broad musical arsenal that will always keep the crowd thriving off the momentum of surprise. As a techno and house DJ, he captivates audiences and weaves magical moments that will have the crowd at the end of the night craving more.

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