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André Orcutt

Techno Tech House Minimal Deep House +3

André Orcutt (Formerly DJLoBoT) has truly lived a life filled with music. At an early age he began avidly collecting music of many genres, took guitar lessons for 8 years, and started DJing in late 2007 after witnessing DJ Shadow perform a truly inspirational set. In early 2008, André quickly became a familiar DJ in the Boulder, CO bar/club scene. This is where his career and love for performing began to flourish. After 3 years of performing multi-genre sets mostly in Boulder, André left for Denver to pursue his passion for Tech House, Deep House, Minimal, and Techno music. Taking a brief hiatus from performing in mid 2011 to early 2012, André began production in Tech House and Downtempo. Summer 2012 became a turning point in André's career as he started his inception into the local underground Techno/Tech House scene in Denver, Colorado, where he feels “a sense of kinship with the knowledgeable, open-minded and enthusiastic community of DJ’s, producers, and lovers of techno.”

You can find André Orcutt performing monthly at the world famous Beatport Lounge at Beta Nightclub with P.U.N.C.H.I.S., a collective of passionate DJ’s and music enthusiasts which hosts amazing local, national and international talent every week.

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