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Andrei Fiber

Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House

Andrei Fiber - dj and producer, creator and host of the Clubheads radio show of Kiss FM station, founder of Ukrainian well know labels Relax Recordings and Semantica Recordings that over years put Ukraine in the spotlight of global dance culture. Relax Recordings was awarded with prestigious Label of the Year 2008 title by TOPDJ Awards. Relax Recordings has over 150 releases under its belt, having worked with producers from Ukraine , Russia, Germany, France and etc. Andrei Fiber himself is an accomplished producer, gaining accolades from far outside of Ukraine.

Although known to many as founder and leader of Ukraine's famous Relax Recordings label and booking agency as well as creator and host of a top-ranked Clubheads radio show on Kiss FM Ukraine - Andrei Fiber is (in the very first place) a crafty and highly demanded producer and dj, widely popular both nationally and internationally. Andrei started producing as far back as 1998, inspired by the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead, Prodigy and Ortbital . His break-through arrived in 2004, when Germany's Technoline label released Andrei's Tekkhouse Music. The track topped charts of Germany's web-records on-line store, leaving behind the legendary Deep Dish. It was exactly the point that motivated Andrei to create his own label.

In 2005 Andrei teamed-up with Maxim Comodo to create Relax Recordings - a label that later encompassed booking. Dedicated to consolidating and releasing national house talents, the label soon proved to be a bridge between global house scene and that of the former USSR. In 2008 Relax Recordings was honored with the Label of the year title at Ukraine's prestigious TOPDJ Awards. As of today Relax Recordings prides in more than 150 releases by artists from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France and etc. Andrei's other passion would be his techno-oriented Semantica Recordings, where he also publishes his own works.

Andrei's next global success was Reproduction, released by Italia's Malatoid in 2009. Despite a huge gap between Tekkhouse Music and Reproduction, it was obvious that Andrei matured into a world class producer and was ready to deliver top quality goods. Now he is sought-after by quality imprints around the globe. Besides his own Semantica Recordings, Andrei cooperates with Ukraine's Indeks Music and Optika Recordings as well and Plasmapool (DE) and Malatoid (IT).

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