Key Commands

Amoeba & V3NOM

Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Glitch Hop Drum & Bass +8

Amoeba / V3NOM

Hungary's Bálint Attila has became one of the unique mastermind of concepts in electronic music nowdays. Amoeba began to experiment with sounds, sequencers and analog modules. From age14, he began using computer based sequencing and sound, creating the roots for what has become one of the most distinct sounds in electronic music today.
Attila's sounds focus on a multitude of outboard midi equipments
and sequencer softwares. Attila's music is a fused of styles;
forging influences from experimental IDM, acid-house, drum 'n' bass, ambient and fusion to create dirty bass lines and synth stabs that have influenced his trademark amoebalistic sound.
With his younger brother Bálint Ákos (aka. Bakterya, Planet Noise, Purple Haze) has started to connect their ideas in one intensely dark and masterful composition
as Nuclear Waste.
Amoeba's Solo projects are hevily abstrakt, deeply emotional & experimental and unclassify same time. His musical ambition supported by tallented artists/labels and djs all around the planet.

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