Key Commands

Amir Hoss

Montreal, QC, Canada House Dance Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House

Recording Artist, Producer, Remixer & DJ...
Kick-starting his professional musical career in 2010, Amir now has numerous original tracks and remixes, including a successful album, under his belt. Amir has also written, performed and produced a number of tracks for artists under his own label, Funktasy. Amir hosts his regular podcasts, Funktasy Sessions, which gives listeners an insight into his live DJ performances. Thanks to his success, Amir has developed into a highly revered, sought-after performer, musician, songwriter, producer and remixer.
Amir's relentless talent continues to grow as he becomes a dominating force behind the decks, thus raising the bar with each performance. He has created a unique trademark as a DJ and performer around his own sound; genuine, energetic, mass-moving and melodic. Taking over Montreal’s club scene and spinning in some of Canada’s hottest clubs, Amir blends a variety of electronic & soulful music from around the world, tweaking his tools of trade like no other and performing a one-of-a-kind set! Characterized by his boundless energy, Amir's sets are phenomenal, distinct and iconic. His uncanny ability to feed off of the crowd's vibes and emotions enable him to give them the intensity and musical experience they are yearning for. Moving the masses with his highly demanded signature performances, Amir's DJ sets are a combination of percussive rhythms and hard-hitting bass-lines all skillfully blending an array of flavors, mixes and acapellas.

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