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Tech House Chill Out Trance Techno +3

Allex is from Slovakia, currently living in Manchester, UK.
His official career began in 2004, when he started playing music to live audience in bars, clubs, at company events or so, mainly commercial stuff, but after hundreds of gigs, this gave him a massive amount of practise and experience. He was always hungry for finding new fresh music, special sounds and mixing technology, but the commercial audience didn't really understood his experiments. So after long years of his success of commercial stage that was a logical step to go out for more specialized venues where he can try tracks he had never been able before. Step by step by hard work and patience, he was lucky enough to play all types of House Music, Techno or even Trance in great clubs (Dopler, Empire, Radost, etc.) on famous parties (Beautiful Things, Expedition, etc.) and festivals (BeeFree 2009,2010,2011,2014) around the capital city of Slovakia or Czech Republic and after he moved to UK in 2010 had the opportunity to play on small events in Manchester as well.
He always wanted to push new trends in music, his own look into electronic dance music to wider audience and to people who appreciate different sound so he started to cooperate with dirtyRadio, UK's internet radio station which allowed him to have one hour mix every other week full of music he loves and is his passion, simply called Experiment.
When he was a teenager, he always loved to produce the music as well, but at that time it was more like a game for him as a point of success. And then in 2009, a dream of a child came true and his first official single EP was released. This was a big push in his career and it opened his mind and inspiration and after few singles and remixes for Record Labels all over the world, his debut album Redemption was released in 2013. These long years of hard work gave him worldwide contacts to DJ's, producers and Records Labels, but it's still somewhere hidden in the background of underground what for him is a massive success, but he is not a proper famous person. He never wanted to have everything or to be rich, his priority was always to leave a message with his music, touch people's souls and try to show something different.

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