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Vancouver, BC, Canada Minimal / Deep Tech Techno Tech House

Alikat was born under the rainy lights of Vancouver’s nightlife with a paw-full of skills that were passed down to her from some high-profile mentors on the scene. A champion in the lost art of crate digging, Alikat’s passion for music is rooted in a history of endlessly searching for those hidden vinyl gems that taught her the art of mixing, scratching and working the room. She’s brought her process with her into the digital world, putting in the hours searching for gems to light up the dance floor.

She got her start back in 2007 playing for online audiences over the airwaves of NSB Radio, arguably the world’s #1 Breakbeat internet radio station. After working with the founders closely for several years she was promoted to Station Manager in 2013, a title which she still presently holds.

Her roots are Breakbeat, but since switching to digital she has become one of Vancouver’s most versatile DJs. Once known for playing bass heavy bootlegs of easily recognizable songs, her taste in music has matured to include the most distinct sounds of Underground Tech House & Techno. However, that won’t stop her from dropping the occasional Bassline House, Deep House, Dubstep/Trap or Mainstream Electro House set.

Climbing the Ranks at Defcon Hacking Conference:
In 2013 AliKat landed a gig to play for a group called "Defcon Parties" at the annual Defcon Hacking Conference in Las Vegas, NV. In 2014, she applied to be an official conference artist and although she was not accepted, she was invited to play at the Packet Hacking Village which is infamous for it’s “Wall of Sheep” list. She applied to the conference again the following year in 2015 and was accepted. She had finally made the ranks and she received her first Defcon artists badge. 2016 was by far her most notable year at the conference, she was accepted again as an official artist and was booked for the speakers dinner which is a private event held for speakers of the conference, an official Defcon event on the first night of the conference, LineCon 2016, the Packet Hacking Village, a private penthouse party, and the most prestigious booking of the entire conference, IOActive’s Freak Show which is held at Bally’s Pool. She’s looking forward to Defcon 25 and setting aim to play at the official Defcon main event.

AliKat was forced to take a hiatus from playing out locally from 2010-2016, but is back in full swing. Within 3 months of announcing her return she earned a residency at Gorg-O-Mish, a world famous legal after hours in Vancouver, BC.. Looking forward, the future is bright. She has big plans for Vancouver, such as the launch of her production company, Undertone and a monthly event with a unique concept that will provide an opportunity for artists that are trying to break out in the Vancouver scene.

Gorg-O-Mish After Hours (Vancouver, BC)
CanSecWest InfoSec Conference (Vancouver, BC)
Diversity: Arts & Music Entertainment [DAME] (Vancouver, BC)

Other Noteworthy Bookings:
DefCon23, DefCon24 Hacking Conference Official Artist, Upcoming: IOActive Freakshow at Bally's Pool (Las Vegas, NV)
DefCon 22 Packet Hacking Village, Wall of Sheep (Las Vegas, NV)
DefCon 21 DefCon Parties Pub Crawl (Las Vegas, NV)

Other Affiliations:
Station Manager at
Twisted Productions Bass Team
FAME Nights (Vancouver, BC)

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