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Alex Neuret

Province of Milan, Italy Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House Tech House House

Alessandro Finamore in art Neuret Alex was born in Milan 's August 8, 1978. At 11, he begins to pursue what for him is a dream. Learning to mix ...... and it does going out dancing in clubs on Sunday afternoons.
The difference from his peers is that spending his afternoons watching the most pssibile eyes and stealing the work of his future colleagues.
The first time playing in front of an audience was just 14 years.
From that day his passion will only grow.
The knowledge of the music of Alex does not stop ... goes beyond the exhibition, thus began to produce their own songs, this means that Alex always better than his performances.
Its production began in 1997 and are printed on vinyl.
Among his early achievements was Disque Noir, The Preacher, Blister.
Later co-produced together with Dj Vibe Hi Fargetta the single and a compilation of audio stories with Dj Shorty.
From 2003 onwards, starting with the great productions with Alex Farolfi, Paolino Rossato and Shorty. Alex's productions are therefore included in many compilations such as DJ Selection, Tribal Nation.
Meanwhile, Alex does not give up playing even before the public in several local Milanese and beyond, including Toqueville, Pold Fashion, Cafe Novecento, Sochking Club and others.
His productions take flight with Autogrill, Continuous Change sung by Elena Mata Jones famous vocalist of the evening in Milan Chandelier Motel.
Currently Alex remixed single We Can Do It by DJ Shorty, Nicola Fasano and Steve Forest which is enjoying great success in nightclubs and on radio.
If you now listen to Alex Neuret you can do to De Sade club like Milan, Via Valtellina Resident Dj.

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