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Alexey Light

Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine Dubstep Chill Out Electronica


Alexey Maximchuk also known as Alexey Light - is a DJ, producer and a graphic design illustrator from Ukraine. He was born 13.08.1990 in the eastern part of the country, in a town called Alchevsk, but began his career in the central of Ukraine, in Dnepropetrovsk City in 2009. His music combines a mix of atmospheric ambient with beautiful melodies of chillout, deep bass of dubstep with juicy drums and rich percussion of chillstep. This is music of life both in the urban jungle and outside of them.


Apollo Stripe feat. Effluence - Love & Pain (Alexet Light Remix) - Mistique Digital (Georgia)
Alexey Light - Piece Of The Light - Bonzai Elemental (Belgium)
Alexey Light - Time [EP] - Playinbeat (Russia)
Apollo Stripe - Junkie #2 (Alexey Light Remix) - Mistique Emotion (Georgia)
All Sleep [on compilation] - System Recordings (USA)
Going Alone vs Subversive [EP] - Playinbeat (Russia)
Emotions [EP] - Eternal Music (USA/Russia)
Don't Look Back [single] - Global Boutique Records (UK/Russia)
Empty Streets [on compilation] - System Recordings (USA)
Cold Inside [EP] - Elpa Music (Latvia)
Lost In Darkness [single / on compilation] - Zebra 40 (Zebra Music) / ETM (USA/Russia)
Frequency Of Hope [on compilation] - Ilisho Records (Ukraine)


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