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Alex Corsi

Spain Electro House Progressive House

Italian DJ and producer based in Spain (Barcelona and Lloret de Mar).
Alex Corsi joins different genres into the depths of electro house with his energetic and creative sound reaching unique and grooving atmospheres on the dance floor.
His mixes link commercial with underground music by adding into his electro house tracks elements from different genres such as pop, hip hop, rock and house creating, as he himself says, "an universal language that only music can do".
Born in Venezuela and raised in Italy, he began as a teenager to mix Caribbean rhythms with Italian and European sounds.
By the '90s Alex Corsi worked as a DJ in Italian radios and clubs under various pseudonyms in that time. In this period he began to play the newborn Eurodance and at the same time he discovered the originality of independent music at the radio.
During his stage in Holland and Belgium he knew and loved the new beat and the underground electronic music which will add to his mixes.
Between 2010 and 2011 under the name Alderec King, he shared his music choices and playlists on twitter. The growing number of people following him every day, from house and dance to heavy metal music fans, led him to be awarded "Tweet DJ" at the Spanish Tweets Awards 2011. From mixer and music selector, he moves on music production and songwriting. Again under the name Alderec King, he has released some singles characterized by cool grooves and original sounds defined by his fans "crazy and funny", among these ones OK Fiesta (the 2011 version, then re-edited in 2013) was semi-finalist at the 2011 International Songwriting Competition - ISC.
Alex Corsi is now working on a new sound for his new singles and album, new remixes, projects and collaborations with various artists.


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